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Every dollar counts! If you agree to fundraise for RUN 10 FEED 10, there is NO MINIMUM fundraising goal! Raise $5, $10, $100 or more — whatever you can do! All of your funds will help those in need. After your registration is complete, you will receive an email with the link to your fundraising page.
Enter your desired locations above and help out those in need in the city of your choice. Please only answer these questions if you’re fundraising individually or creating a new fundraising team.
If you don't want the magazine, you can get a $10 rebate by sending your proof of registration (including name and address) within 30 days to Rodale Rebate, PO Box 26299, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-6299.

We deliver race updates to Facebook, Twitter and Mobile devices letting friends and family track your race progress.

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