If the participant is younger than 13, enter the guardian's email address.

Contact cannot be an event participant.
Help support health and welllness in our community by giving to MultiCare's Center for Healthy Living. Smoking cessation, weight-loss, health screenings and assessments - we've got you covered!
Your teammates can enter the first THREE characters of your team name, then your team name should drop-down as a selection. Recommend this team searching method to all teammates.
Your team MUST have 20+ members by the May 18th cutoff. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the additional fee.
Registrants under the age of 12 receive a free registration.
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Registrants under the age of 12 receive a free registration
Selecting a shirt will add $10 to your registration.
New Balance does it again.... tech shirts, short-sleeved.

We deliver race updates to Facebook, Twitter and Mobile devices letting friends and family track your race progress.

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