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To promote and create awareness of healthy lifestyles for the children of Miami-Dade County with a focus on health and physical education through voluntary, exciting, goal-oriented running programs that will improve their lifestyle. The Kids Run Miami® program allows children to participate in a non-competitive setting, fostering classroom participation and camaraderie in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.
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Race Day Shuttle- Pre-Race 4:00AM - 4:30AM at Miami Beach Convention Center. Post-Race 8:00AM - 1:00PM at Miami Dade College.
Price is $40 through 1/22/15 and $45 at the expo.
Run our Tropical 5K on January 24, 2015, before the Life Time Miami Marathon! Get a taste of the course and enjoy the unforgettable race weekend!
Children under 12 years of age are $12. You will only be able to purchase child tickets when purchasing an adult ticket.
Hard Rock Pasta Party
Saturday, January 24, 2015
5:30 PM seating
6:30 PM seating
7:30 PM seating
This time includes any additional tickets.
We've Got Your Back if You Can't Make It
With our Registration Refund Program you can request a refund of your regular registration fee, including any processing fees, if you (or the relay team you're a part of) are unable to participate due to specific covered reasons such as injury, illness, pregnancy, and unexpected travel delays. Here is a list of what is covered:

Bad things like…
injury, unforeseen illness, involuntary job loss, or unexpected covered travel delays.

Good things like…
pregnancy, childbirth, or job relocation with existing employer

Other things like…
Deployment while on active military duty, or pregnancy or childbirth occurring to your family member, or injury/illness of a family member.

This program is administered by Stonebridge Benefit Services. For complete details including terms and conditions and how to request a refund click the button below (PDF). Please note that refund requests will not be processed until after the event date. Refunds are only possible if you have not participated in the event due to a covered reason.
Program Terms & Conditions
If you pass this up- you will NOT receive a refund for any reason!

We deliver race updates to Facebook, Twitter and Mobile devices letting friends and family track your race progress.

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