If the participant is younger than 13, enter the guardian's email address.

Contact cannot be an event participant.
If you do not have an annual license, a $12 fee will be added to your registration for a One Day License. If you would like to purchase an annual membership, please visit https://www.usatriathlon.org
Elite Amateur (Age 39 and Under) qualifying times: Males 2:10 or better and Females 2:30 or better. Elite Master (Age 40 and older) qualifying times: Males 2:25 or better and Females 2:45 or better.
Elite athletes are requires to provide proof of time in order to qualify. Please paste a direct link to your most recent qualifying time from the 2013/2014 season.
Athletes are automatically included in the "Age Group" unless otherwise indicated. Clydesdales (Male) must weight at least 220lbs to qualify and Athenas (Female) must weigh at least 165lbs to qualify
This is for those athletes who would like to compete with a less competitive start line. Note: You will not be eligible for awards if you choose to begin in this wave.
For those athletes who are newer to the sport of triathlon or would like to swim with a friend or family member, we offer the Buddy Wave / First Timers Wave.
If you do not select your club affiliation during the registration process your points for this event will not be counted towards the AZ Tri Points Series.
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